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Become a Herbaland VIP to unlock exclusive discounts and earn gummy coins!

Make your purchases work for you! Earn Gummy Coins and redeem for special products, awesome merch, VIP exclusive discounts, and dollars off your next purchase.

Not a VIP rewards member? Sign up now and receive a 500 Gummy Coin bonus ($5 value)!

100 gummy coins = $1

How to earn gummy coins

Place an order

Review a product

Celebrate your birthday

Follow us on social media

What you can redeem

Order Discount

100 gummy coins = $1 off

Free Shipping

1000 gummy coins

Seed Bookmark

500 gummy coins

Coffee Mug

1200 gummy coins

Reusable Metal Straws

1200 gummy coins

Plant 20 Trees

1000 gummy coins

VIP Tiers

The more you spend, the higher the tier you will be a part of. Each tier is based on Gummy Coins you earn within a calendar year beginning January 1, 2022. Gummy Coins earned in 2022 will also set your tier for 2023.

Upon entry

Bronze bear

• 10 gummy coins per dollar spent
• 500 bonus gummy coins

2,000 coins earned

Silver bear

• 12 gummy coins per dollar spent
• 750 bonus gummy coins

5,000 coins earned

Gold Bear

• 15 gummy coins per dollar spent
• 1,000 bonus gummy coins

8,000 coins earned

Platinum Bear

• 20 gummy coins per dollar spent
• 1,250 bonus gummy coins

If you redeem the reward "Bundle Coupon", see how to do this below ↓

Refer a friend

Give $10, get $10

Love our program? Tell a friend, give them a reward and get your own reward when they make a purchase!

Refer a friend


Do my gummy coins expire?

Of course not! You deserve what you have earned so your Gummy Coins will not expire.

How many Gummy Coins are equal to one dollar?

It’s simple! 100 Gummy Coins are equal to $1. So, for example, if you have 5000 Gummy Coins, you can redeem them for 50 dollars!

How can I earn gummy coins quickly?

Earning our gummy coins is way easier than you think! By signing up for our rewards program, you will immediately earn 500 Gummy Coins. In addition, you can earn Gummy Coins by following us on social media (50 coins) and writing product reviews (100 coins)! When you place an order, we will thank you with Gummy Coins, too (every $1 spent = 10 Gummy Coins). Oh! We also celebrate your birthday with extra Gummy Coins up to 500!

How do I redeem my rewards?

1. Click the Rewards icon at the bottom of the page

2. Login

3. Once logged in, you will see which rewards are available for you to redeem.

4. Once you purchase a reward, click Add Product to Cart and it will appear on your order. 100 Gummy Coins equal $1!

Can I refer more than one friend?

Of course! You can share your favorite gummies with your friends several times. You both can earn a coupon of $5 off for your next purchase!

Will my referral credit expire?

No! As your friends place an order for their gummies, you will be rewarded with a coupon of $5 off and you can use it for the next purchase or anytime you want.

Can I redeem anything else besides dollars off?

Yes. You also can redeem your coins for a variety of merch, including sweaters and bags, or our delicious Good News Gummies!

I love the program, but are the tiers lifelong?

It could be! Each year your tier will be set based on the Gummy Coins you earned in the previous year. For example, a Gold Bear in 2021 will still stay in Gold for 2022! In order to keep your tier for 2023, you must earn the same amount of Gummy Coins for Gold Bear in 2022 (5,000 Gummy Coins). Don’t worry, earning gummy coins is fast, easy and fun! You’ll be a Platinum bear in no time!

Are there any special offers?

We try to reward our VIP members as much as possible, as we love to see our customers smile when they receive their favorite gummies! Each time you reach a higher tier, we offer a Gummy Coin Splash (up to 1,250 Coins!) and a one-time free shipping or discount coupon. Also, higher tiers earn coins at a higher rate! For example, Bronze bears earn 10 points per dollar spent, while Platinum bears earn 20 points per dollar spent! Finally, we have exclusive offers for our Herbaland VIPs sent by email occasionally. If there is anything you would like to see included in our program, please let us know!


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