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We are B Corp™ Certified!

What is B Corp™?

The B Corp™ certification is given to businesses that meet a high standard in verified performance, accountability and transparency in all matters of business, such as governance, employee benefit, supply chain management, environmental and societal impact and more! B Corps™ are companies dedicated to using business as a way to create viable and substantial change for all of us and our planet!

Unlike traditional businesses, B Corps™ are legally required to assess the impact of their decisions on not just shareholders, but all stakeholders including employees, global communities, the environment, and customers. This leads to accountability and enables a more inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy.

How Herbaland has become a force for good

Herbaland at its core is a business that strives to improve the wellbeing of our planet and all the people on it. We want to create healthy and happy communities around the world, using our business as a force for good. Our core values of inclusivity, community and sustainability have guided all our actions as an organization and helped us create positive impact in our local and global community.

As a women-owned company with a diverse workplace from over 20 different countries, we take pride in our culture of inclusivity. Through community involvement, Herbaland donated over $515,000 in 2021 alone to various local grassroots organizations and charities who advocate for marginalized groups, mental health, people in need and more. Finally, to make our business sustainable and restorative, we’ve made our products climate smart by using compostable packaging and plant-based ingredients and committing to planting 2.5 million trees by 2025.

We are honored to be recognized as a B Corp™, and are excited to join a global movement of over 5,600 other B Corps™! Together, we are striving to transform the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet. We will continue living out our commitment to act as a force for good through actions based on the high societal and environmental standards set by the B Corp™ Movement. 

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