Gummy Reviews

  • "Couldn't live without my protein gummies! I absolutely LOVE these protein gummies. They are a perfect snack, and the fact that they are vegan, gluten-free, and refined sugar free makes them GUILT-FREE too! I live off of these things! My favourite flavour is banana, but I often go for the mixed pack to get all the flavours :)
    - Rejan M.
  • "Oh my gosh. WATERMELON. Seriously, these taste like the watermelon candies you used to buy at the corner store. AND I love how these boost your own collagen, a great alternative to actual animal based collagens on the market, so happy to find a vegan offering! I'd been waiting for this!"
    - Rebecca G.
  • "I have the Vegan D3 and the B12, I keep them in my desk at work and take them daily. I can't wait for iron gummies and some prenatal - they taste great and I feel awesome!"
    - Elizabeth J.

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