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Select “Subscribe and Save 10%” when adding your favorite gummies

Select your desired delivery frequency

Purchase and receive your gummies on time, every time

Why should you subscribe?

Get 10% off!

All subscriptions are 10% off the regular price

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Set your delivery frequency and let us handle the rest

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I love getting my gummies on time! Sometimes it’s hard to remember to re-order, so this makes things easy!

- Kelly R

I buy vitamins for the family so that makes things very organized and simple. My kids look forward to getting their gummies every month!

- Willy Bridge

Subscribing has been a game changer for me. I also love the free gifts that are included in some of my orders! 

- Example Customer


How do I manage my subscriptions?

Make sure to log in by clicking the top account icon at the top right of the screen. Once signed in, simply click “Manage Subscriptions” and you will be directed to your personal subscription portal.

What aspects of my subscription can I alter?

Within the subscription account portal you can:

• Add new subscription products

• Add one-time products to your next delivery

• Update delivery frequency

• Change next delivery date

• Reactivate canceled subscriptions

• Skip shipments

• Change shipping address

• Update payment method

• Add one-time products to your next delivery

…and much more!

How do I know how frequent I should make my deliveries?

Our gummies have different daily servings. For example, our popular Collagen Booster is designed for one-month use per pouch; D3 & B12 is for three-month use per pack. But, of course, you can always customize the frequency for your favorite gummies!

I already have enough gummies. Can I skip my next shipment?

Yes! You can always skip a shipment through your subscription portal. You can also customize the specific date you would like your next order to deliver.

Is my subscription free shipping?

If your total order before discounts is over $70, you are entitled to free shipping.

I need to change my address. How can I update this?

This is also done in the subscription portal. After logging in, click on the “Shipping Addresses” tab and input your desired address. From there, go into each specific subscription and update their address at the bottom left of the screen under “Shipping Address”.

If I feel the subscription doesn’t fit my needs, can I cancel my subscriptions?

You can cancel your subscription anytime! All you need to do is log into your subscription portal, select the product you want to cancel, and find the “Cancel Subscription” button on the left hand side. Reactivating is even easier! Just click “Re-Activate” next to the product you want added back. Make sure to go in and check the delivery frequency and next charge date as this will be based on how you had it set up prior to canceling. 

Can I add additional discount codes/rewards to my subscription?

We currently do not allow for stacking of discounts as our subscriptions are priced at 10%. However, we do run promos throughout the year specific for subscriptions, so be on the lookout!


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