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Reuse, Refill, Repeat - Our NEW Earth Friendly Refill Pouches


What's the benefit of having refillable pouches?

By purchasing our refill pouches, you will help us minimize the amount of plastic packaging that we produce. Our refill pouches are made out of organic materials that can be decomposed, so when it’s time to restock your vitamin gummies you can fill your current plastic bottle, cut up the pouch into small pieces, and dispose of it in your compost bin. This will significantly reduce the amount of waste we produce and contribute to the health of our planet!

How do you compost the refill pouches?

After you refill your bottle with your pouch of gummies, cut it up into small pieces to help it decompose and place it in one of the following:

•Compost Bin

•Bokashi Bin

•Worm Farm

•Community Garden

•Organic Waste Collection

•Drop-offs from Organic Waste Collections Group

In about 180 days, the pouch will break down and foster the growth of new plants!  

What are our refill pouches made from?

Our compostable pouch is created from a blend of plant-based materials including wood pulp, corn starch, cassava, sugarcane, and beets. This material is sealed with PLA, a bio-based plastic that is made from cornstarch and is very durable. The process of creating the pouches uses significantly less water and energy than the production of plastic packaging, which means these pouches are super eco-friendly!


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