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Edgy Veg

Edgy Veg x Herbaland

After six months in the making, our Herbaland x Edgy Veg collaboration is finally here! As one of our first social media partners, Candice has helped us build a connection with the vegan community through her Edgy Veg platform. To thank Candice and promote our shared values of sustainability and inclusivity, we worked with her to create a co-branded bundle curated to supplement plant-based diets - with an edgy twist!

Message from Candice

Thank you so much for supporting my collaboration with Herbaland! I am so excited to introduce you to the Edgy Veg Essentials Bundle! In this bundle, you will find the supplements I choose to take daily to keep my body functioning optimally, along with a reusable produce bag to take on your weekly shop.

I found Herbaland about two years ago, after years of struggling to swallow pills and supplements. As most of you know, I love candy, so all of a sudden taking my vitamins became a treat! I have been obsessed ever since.

I am most excited to share the exclusive Edgy Veg D3 & B12 Sour Watermelon gummy with you - I created this flavor with Herbaland based on my favorite candy flavor! I hope these tasty sugar-free vitamin gummies add a bit of sweet (and sour) to your day!

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Vegan D3 & B12 - limited edition

Candice’s favorite gummies in her favorite flavor - Sour Watermelon! Vitamin D3 and B12 are essential vitamin supplements that work together to boost the metabolism, support the immune system, and increase energy levels.


A balanced combination of 13 essential vitamins and minerals to fulfill the body's daily needs, including Vitamin B6 and Folate which are vital supplements for plant-based diets.

Calcium, K2 & D3

Our Calcium K2 & D3 gummies work together to prevent bone calcium deficiency and support cardiovascular health.


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