Everyone Has A Story


Herbaland wants to create a series of awe-inspiring narratives about real people. It could be a friend, a relative, your instructor or anyone you believe may fit this idea. 


We are forming a DREAM TEAM FILM SQUAD to help us along this journey. If you have amazing video skills such as lighting, sound effects, editing, filming or whatever you think can be used in this project, apply now and join us!


But first, take a look at our promotional video:

Herbaland wants to help tell these stories and show that anyone can inspire someone else. And for that, we need a Dream Team Film Squad!


To create a video series exploring real stories and how people overcame struggles in their lives.


Anyone that may have fit with the brand and also have a nice story to tell.


This is a contest to create a dream team film squad, getting talent from different schools in the Vancouver Mainland. 


We are producing 5 to 10 videos by the end of November 2020 to be launched as part of a Youtube Series on Herbaland's channel.


Here is the talent we need. If you are a film enthusiast and have a group of friends with the skills below, you're ready to apply:





Camera Man



At first, students will use the equipment provided by their college or university.


Extra resources can be provided by Herbaland, like scene props or anything that can level up the production of the videos.*


*it needs to be previously discussed with the Herbaland team.



To be shared among the winning group.


+ Herbaland $200 Gift Card


Herbaland has a fun environment and encourages creative freedom. Build up your portfolio by collaborating with us on this project!

So How Is This Going To Work?

First Step

Form a film squad

What's your best film skill? Gather the best talents you know to join you in this journey. It's up to you how many members your crew will have.

First Step
Second Step

Find inspiring Stories

We are looking for uplifting stories from real people. Take a moment and think about your friends or family who could be a protagonist in one of these countless stories we are planning to tell.

Second Step
Third Step

Write a Script

This is the time to brainstorm with your crew and to start showing us your skills! This series will be called "The Sweeter Side of Life". We are looking for beautiful and touching stories, showing how that person overcame a struggle in their life. The film can be between 3-5 minutes.

Third Step
Fourth Step


After you finish your masterpiece, share your work with us. Our team will review everything carefully and pick the stories that connect most to our core values: Inclusivity, Sustainability and Community. The best scripts will have the chance to be filmed and will compete for the big prize.

Fourth Step

if you're interested, form your crew and apply Today!

Kindly email marketing@herbaland.ca your:


  • Script
  • Full Name
  • Contact Number
  • Preferred Skill
  • Portfolio URL

We can't wait to hear from you!

*Applications are due on September 25, 2020.