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Once upon a time on Halloween, Herbert bought a pumpkin from a local market close to his home. He felt excited looking forward to this day as Halloween is his favorite time of the year.

As he was carving the pumpkin away, he suddenly stepped on a crack and the ground came crashing down below him. He began to fall 30 feet downward!

Thump! Herbert landed flat on the cold ground. Poor Herbert, all alone. Lost, scared, and hungry in the dark cave!

A surge of hope emerged when he suddenly realized that he had a pouch of his favorite Halloween Protein Gummies in his pocket! This will definitely fulfill him for a few more hours while he tried to find a way back home.

After wandering for a long time, he was able to get out of the cave and stumbled upon a creepy castle. He thought that maybe he could ask for help to find a way back home. Maybe it wasn't the best idea, but he had no other options.

He apprehensively went inside the haunted castle and was welcomed by its residents, a group of spooky monsters who looked very very hungry.

Herbert was very desperate and wanted to leave the castle in one piece. He thought of a quick solution to save his life! He realized (once again) that he had a few remaining pouches of the Halloween Good News Gummies deep down in his pocket!

As a desperate gesture, he offered the gummies to the turned out that it was the right move! The monsters loved them and strangely enough, they became quick friends!

As he was just beginning to enjoy bonding with his monster friends, he awoke from a deep sleep and realized that everything was a dream! No dark cave, no haunted castle, and no spooky monster friends. Herbert was now home safe and sound! He could finally have all the Halloween Gummies to himself! Hooray!