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A Chance for all Kids to Grow Up, the Sweet Way


At Herbaland, we understand the importance of proper nutrition for the growth and development of children. This is why we were inspired to start our latest project: Growing with Gummies. Our goal is to provide nutritional gummies to 10,000 children across Canada. We want to give these kids a healthy foundation so they can have the ability and confidence to follow their dreams, since every incredible achievement was once only a dream.


Growing with Gummies is Herbaland’s new inclusivity project focused on helping vulnerable children get their necessary daily vitamins and minerals. Proper nutrition will help children of all ages achieve their dreams. With this goal in mind, Herbaland will be partnering with Canadian charities to deliver nutritional gummies to 10,000 kids across Canada by the end of 2020. Once successful, Herbaland aims to reach children globally in 2021.

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Our Goal is to Reach

Kids by the End of 2020

We believe everyone deserves the best possible start in life. As an all-inclusive brand, Herbaland wants to help ensure that every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential.


We want to partner with charities across Canada to help get the nutritional gummies to the kids who need it most. This is where we need your help! We would love to know which charities you think we should partner with for our Growing with Gummies project. We are looking for organizations coast-to-coast to ensure no child is left behind.

How the Program Works

We want to do our part in creating a better future for everyone by donating nutritional gummies to over 10,000 kids so they can make the positive impacts they are destined to. To help us give back to the communities that inspire us, we will be partnering with leading charities across Canada.

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