Herbaland offers contract manufacturing and private labeling of custom gummy formulations.

Herbaland's Eco-Molding Technology uses a direct depositing technique into stainless steel molds. Direct deposited gummies have more favorable test results than the standard starch molded gummies, are smoother and cleaner, and typically lightly coated in MCT or organic sunflower oil. Granular coating is available upon request, including sugar free options.

Herbaland also has an impressive array of certifications.


We are Canada's largest gummy manufacturer and specialize in innovative nutritional formulas. We operate the largest gummy production facility in Canada as well as the largest gummy packaging operation. Typical packaging formats include bottles, form and seal pouches, and cartons.

Product Development

We consider our R&D expertise one of our greatest assets as a potential partner, and offer highly collaborative full product development support. We will work to formulate your product to your satisfaction and advise as to what we believe will be the most competitive, efficient, and forecast future trends.

Regulatory and Documentation Support

We can assist and are familiar with regulatory requirements from around the world.  Consumers can trust that Canadian products are manufactured to the high standards of Health Canada, and Herbaland products are now exported to more than 30 countries.