Michael Lam Herbaland Ambassador and Dragonboat Athlete 

My name is Michael Lam. I have paddled on a competitive dragon boat team “Dreadnought” for 7 years. In 2018 my team competed at the 11th IDBF Club Crew World Championships Szeged, Hungary’s Premier Mixed Grand Final, just 0.011 second shy of the podium.

I took studies at the International Sports Science Association and applied my practices at Steve Nash Sports Club for about a year.

I am now a fitness influencer and I help people get stronger, and lose weight. This sport has taught me a lot about muscle and mind connection.

As an athlete, I must have reliable supplements to help me excel. It is crucial because if you take a supplement that has a banned substance, this could prevent you from competing.

Most people will buy a supplement and not know how to or when to use it for optimum results. I have listed how I use my Herbaland Gummies, feel free to try out any of my stacks!


I would always start my morning with a cup of water at room temperature.


I take 4 multivitamins before I start my day

Then 6 Plant-Based Omega 3 gummies,

Followed by 8-10 coffee gummies. Living in Vancouver I always rush around and spill coffee on my shirts. This is a great way to get your coffee in without the stain!

I’ve always taken Vitamin D. Unless you’re from a tropical place where you get lots of sun, i’d suggest 3x the recommended serving.


The pre stack is what I take before training.


If you are really tired, take 8-12 Energy Plus gummies. I find 12 is the sweet spot for me. I also keep these in the fridge for a refreshing bite!


BCAAs help recovery and support muscle growth. I take 16 gummies. A great way to know if you need to take this is if you feel sore.

Before a training session I suggest a light snack and not a full meal. I take 1 pouch Vegan Protein Gummies which contains 10g protein.


With the Pure Slim, it works much better when you are “in action” I have this in my “Cut Stack” as well.


These post supplements are great to have to help you sustain yourself until your actual meal.


Protein is good to have after a workout to support muscle repair and growth, I eat one pouch as a snack to help sustain myself until I get to where I need to go for my actual meal.

I take 8 BCAA gummies and keep these in the car, gym bag and at home.


The collagen booster gummies I take for taste and to prevent myself from unhealthy sugars, however they’re good for your skin. 3 per day.


I take Fruit & Veg Fiber gummies to increase my fiber 2-4/day

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