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Meet Lin: Herbaland's Nutritionist

We're proud to introduce you to Lin Ivey. Lin is the newest member of Team Herbaland and a Certified Nutritionist. 

Lin is looking forward to sharing her knowledge of nutrition & supplements with you on the Herbaland blog. Check back often.

Hi! I’m Lin, I am a nutritionist, celiac, hiker, dog lover and gummy eater! 

What are your certifications and why are you passionate about food and health?

Lin-Ivey-Herbaland-NutritionistI am a Certified Nutritionist and soon to be Chartered Herbalist!
I have a wild passion for anything herbal, health and wellness. I get so much joy — maybe too much — from helping people improve their sense of wellbeing through active conversation, education and hands-on nutrition practices! 

My approach to a healthy lifestyle is driven by integrative preventative practices.  I believe that plants are both food and medicine and that prevention is the key to longevity. My practice tends to focus on chronic stress, digestive health, and adrenal/hormonal support that often targets mood/anxiety concerns. 

I like to create warm and inviting spaces for both open communication and collaboration. We often see our practitioners when we are most vulnerable — that is why I believe it is so important that you feel safe, comfortable and heard!

First Class Honours graduate of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition:
Certified Nutritionist, CNP

Current student of Dominion Herbal College:
Chartered Herbalist, CH

What is your favourite Herbaland Gummy?

EASY - Vegan D3 + B12!!!

First of all, it tastes amazing — who doesn’t love raspberry? Like really? Secondly, the dosing is perfect for me. Each gummy contains 1000 IU of D3 and 850 mcg of B12! That’s a whole lot of goodness in one small gummy package! As a celiac, B12 and D3 are key vitamins for me — my absorption is a little less than your Average Jane so I like to keep these guys in my tote all day, every day, and night, and at movie theaters! :)

What’s the one best piece of nutritional advice you can give?
Ditch the language! You’re probably thinking… "ok Lin but what does that even mean?" Well, I MEAN the ‘talk’ we use around food and nutrition could use a complete rework.
ie. The word ‘diet’ — booooo! Diets don’t work. Not to mention they encourage negative self-talk and restrictive behaviour! New research suggests women spend 17 years of their lifetime dieting! Whoa. Instead of dieting why not incorporate one healthy habit a week — or month — or year! The key here is to add, not take away. Diets be gone!

The word ‘overweight.’ This makes an inherent assumption that there is a normal weight and an abnormal weight which simply isn’t true! Just like snowflakes, we are all built completely different — my normal isn’t yours and vice versa. Love all your very normal and very individual bits, better yet, encourage others to do the same!

Jargon, health washing and scientific terminology that most haven't heard of only hurts us! We need to talk to ourselves and each other with intention and kindness.

Any secret superpowers or other special skills we should know about?

I’m a huge crafter which feels pretty super power’y to me!
I enjoy making:

  • Vegan skincare/beauty products. I make a pretty bomb lipstick… just sayin! ;) 
  • Embroidery — thanks for all the lessons G’ma!
  • Macrame (purely out of necessity... I’m out of floor space for my ever growing plant collection. :|  )


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