Healthy for the Holidays: Vanessa VonTol

Posted by Heidi Herbaland on

Today, Herbaland has partnered with Vanessa from @lungesandlipstickfitness for tips on How to Navigate Holiday Parties (just in time for the weekend!)⠀

Vanessa says, "The holidays can be such a busy time with Christmas events and parties that sticking to your health and fitness goals can be challenging. If you are going to go to a Christmas gathering, here are a few tips to help you stay on track:⠀

  1. Don't go starving, make sure to fill up on some healthy food at home before you go 
  2. Offer to bring a dish, that way you can bring something healthy and you know there will be options for you there. ⠀
  3. Plan ahead: of course its expected to have delicious food during the holidays! Plan your day accordingly filling your meals with protein, veggies and healthy carbs in preparation to have a few sugary or savoury treats in the evening adventures."

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