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Healthy for the Holidays: Dylan Cutler

Healthy for the Holidays Tip from Dylan Cutler, aka @phruitfuldish: Prioritize Your Mental Health⠀

All the cauliflower and cardio in the world won't keep our hearts healthy if we can't stay calm and cool as a cucumber. I say this after experiencing my own panic attack just a few days ago. Many of us experience holiday stress whether it be from our endless to-do lists, that final push to complete work/projects before the holidays arrive, or even the increase in socializing with family and friends which can be anxiety-provoking.

I have been reminding myself to prioritize my mental health which means proactively scheduling time each day for some of my own self-care practices: meditation, restorative yoga and weight lifting. Just five minutes of deep breathing can center and remind myself that I am safe, capable, and exactly where I need to be in this moment.

Happy Holidays!

Herbaland is proud to present Healthy for the Holidays: How to Stay Healthy (and Sane) During the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, with content curated from Herbaland's community of health and wellness experts


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