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Healthy for the Holidays: Dana Maternick

Healthy for the Holidays Tip from Dana Maternick aka @dananicole111Creating Balance⠀

The holidays are here. Along with that comes gatherings, dinners and maybe more treats than you are used to. It can be stressful for many but it is only as stressful as you make it. Instead of putting your focus on “staying on track”, how about we redirect that to creating or maintaining balance??⠀
After all, you should be living a lifestyle, NOT a phase. There are no extremes, no “perfection” just progress. This is you, accelerating your life in a way that is healthy and maintainable for you!⠀
Ps. You CAN enjoy yourself while still progressing!⠀

Do you feel like you are stuck between wanting to enjoy yourself but fearing “falling off track?”⠀

Heres my advice:⠀

  • Eat mindfully! Just because you have a dinner in the evening or a party to go to doesn’t mean cutting your calories for the day! It means make sure you are eating enough throughout the day so you don’t go overboard at night!⠀
  • Don’t change your normal routine! If you usually exercise during the day, don’t just stop because of “the holidays”.⠀
  • Stay Hydrated! When your body is dehydrated you will probably feel like you are hungry when you are not. Drinking between your meals will help establish healthy hunger and fullness cues!⠀
  • Food will always be there! Just because it is in front of you, doesn’t mean you have to eat it. I'm not talking about dinner but all the treats that are only a hands reach. But… If you want it HAVE IT and ENJOY!!!⠀
  • Lastly, enjoy your dang self!!! You don’t have to be perfect, some days you may have more treats than others, but in the end as long as you are doing your best everyday, you are doing all that you can!⠀

Happy Holidays!!⠀

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