Growing with Gummies

Herbaland Growing with Gummies vegan
Growing with Gummies is Herbaland’s new inclusivity project focused on helping vulnerable children get their necessary daily vitamins and minerals. Proper nutrition will help children of all ages achieve their dreams. With this goal in mind, Herbaland will be partnering with Canadian charities to deliver nutritional gummies to 10,000 kids across Canada by the end of 2020. Once successful Herbaland aims to reach children globally in 2021.

Every child has the right to grow up healthy and strong. Unfortunately, this is not xthe reality for millions. According to Canada Without Poverty, 1.3 million Canadian children are living in poor conditions, this is 1 in every 5 children. A challenge these toddlers face is food insecurity, not guaranteeing enough food and having limited access to nutritious and healthy meals.

Poor living conditions and food insecurity have direct effects on both mental and physical health. No one deserves to live in constant uncertainty. Thankfully, there are organizations who have made advances in reducing this inequality but fighting for children’s rights in a long, meaningful battle. Advocacy is not a one-time action; it is a lifetime commitment.

Herbaland growing with gummies vegan

Herbaland is a family-owned and operated nutritional gummy manufacturer in Richmond, BC. From humble beginnings to global recognition, the goal has always remained the same: ensure proper nutrition is accessible to all. Supplementation will help supporting kids’ futures and reduce the risk of many preventable illnesses we see today.

Before Herbaland grew to become Canada’s leading nutritional gummy manufacturer, it started as a simple dream. We know that countless children across Canada dream as we have but lack the opportunities to chase them. Out of this, the Growing with Gummies initiative was established.  Herbaland is stepping up to help provide a foundation of daily nutrition upon which children can build their aspirations.

Each child has the potential to make the world a better place; they are our future! Herbaland wants to do their part in creating a better future for everyone by donating nutritional gummies to over 10,000 kids so they can make the positive impacts they are destined to. To help us give back to the communities that inspire us, we will be partnering with leading charities across Canada.

“10,000 children” is only the beginning. Growing with Gummies is set to expand globally in 2021.

Herbaland growing with gummies

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