Community for Immunity by Herbaland

Community for Immunity by Herbaland


The world is coming together to end the Coronavirus Pandemic and we all need to do our part. Herbaland, as a vitamin producer, is working to help our community as much as possible by providing our Immune Gummies for those who are on the front lines taking care of our loved ones, our children, seniors and all
who need extra care. 

Our Health Care Workers are highly exposed to diseases and need a strong immune system to keep strong caring for patients. We need to stop the spread of COVID-19 together!


Herbaland is donating thousands of bottles of Immune Gummies for Health Workers all across Canada.
As a Canadian company, we know the importance of supporting our great Country in limiting the spread as soon as possible, especially for the high-risk groups under current care.

1. Reach more than 1,000 front-line health care workers around Canada by
the end of April 2020.
2. Increase this number to 10,000 by the end of 2020. 
3. We are looking for front-line healthcare workers such as Doctors, Nurses, Caregivers etc. 


We need your help to reach this goal!
Our team has mapped more than 100 places in British Columbia,
it is not enough. 
Help us find more health care places around Canada that we can send Immune Vitamins to. 

Please leave your suggestion in the comment box with:
Name of the place:
Phone number:
E-mail (optional):
Website (optional):

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MARLON PEREZ March 25 2020


Thank you for the offer! I work at Vancouver General Hospital. Your donation is greatly appreciated. My colleagues and I appreciate it!

Name of the place: Vancouver General Hospital – VGH LB7A
Address: 855 w 12th, Vancouver bc
Phone number: 604 875 5762 or 6048754111 ext 55762

If you have any questions. My name is Marlon Perez and you can contact me at 7789602791 or of

Jane Ngai March 25 2020

Name of the place: St. Paul’s Hospital – Post Anesthetic Recovery Room
Address: 1081 Burrard Street Vancouver, BC V6Z 1Y6, 3rd Floor
Phone number: (604) 806-9090
E-mail (optional):
Website (optional):

Grace Callope March 24 2020

Hi There,
I’m an RN frontliner of one of the health care facility in Richmond. It would be awesome if you provide us some of your Immune system vitamin to enhance our energy fighting the disease and be more productive.. Thank you 😊

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